Ellas is since 1999 a producer of books and multimedia. Below is a list of Swedish titles.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Ellas TeckenMemory
"Ellas TeckenMemory" is an adaptation of the well-known game "Memory" where the objective is to find a pair of cards where one is a picture (of, for example, an elephant) and a video with the word in sign language.
The game is a simple, yet effective way of learning sign language. At the end of 2002, "TeckenMemory" has been sold in more the 1000 copies.
"Ellas TeckenMemory" was produced with financial support from SIH (www.sit.se).

Ella flyttar
The first book with the "Ella"-character. "Ella flyttar" is a full-color book for children accompanied by a CD-rom. The CD contains a voice recording and digitized video of the story represented in sign language. "Ella flyttar" was produced with financial support from Hjälpmedelsinstitutet (www.hi.se) and Statens Kulturråd* (www.kur.se).

Ellas TeckenMemory 2
The sequel contains 100 new pictures and video sequences. Reactions from the buyers of the first game indicated that it had a wider audience; in addition to deaf or hearing-impaired children and their surroundings, children with other disabilities or impairments (Downs Syndrome for example) found it useful. Because of this voice and text was added to the user interface. 

Ella, haren och trädgårdslandet
The second book in the series. The book was produced with financial support from Statens Kulturråd* (www.kur.se).

Ellas Ö

"Ellas Ö" is a unique game suitable for blind children and children with sight-problems.
They should be able to compete and play a game with everyone - families and friends on equal terms. It is an interactive game of problem solving and is exclusively based on sound, voice and music. The game was developed with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Union and the production was supported financially by SIT.

Ella hjälper till

The third book in the series. More functions were added to the CD, an example is that the user can click on single word of the text (or on an object in the illustration) to here a voice recording of the word or see a video with sign language. The program can be configured to suit different needs. The "Design for all" concept is well implemented on the CD.
The book and CD was produced with financial support from Statens Kulturråd (www.kur.se) and The Swedish Institute for Special Needs Education.